Rising Strong

by Brené Brown

In Rising Strong, Brené Brown advises readers in how to take control of their emotions and, through a process of discovery, learn to live a fuller, more heartfelt life. One aspect that makes Brown’s book accessible to general readers is her use of anecdotes. In interviews with colleagues, friends, students, and study participants, Brown captures familiar feelings we have all endured on the bumpy road of life. Using these relatable tales of hardship, she offers ways for people to analyze their own emotions and attempt to see their causes from different perspectives. What she provides is a way for us to better understand ourselves and others. Her technique for “rumbling” with emotions is simple, but what makes it difficult is the intensity of what people feel, and oftentimes, those feelings arise from situations we think we would be better off forgetting. In fact, Brown shows us how these are opportunities for growth, opportunities for one to rise from a sense of defeat.

Besides general readers, this book can be an effective tool for parents who are struggling with a child who is reluctant to share feelings. Both children and adults often lack the training for discussing emotions. Rising Strong provides a method for becoming comfortable in sharing those mind-taxing issues.

Likewise, Rising Strong benefits groups, whether they are affiliated through a church, corporation, school, etc. The text offers indispensable advice on how to wrestle with one’s own emotions and how to share them with others. Groups can use this book to strengthen their relationships with members. Effective communication techniques introduced by Brown opens readers’ minds and hearts in a way that will encourage productivity for the cause and for the individuals within the group.

My thoughts on Rising Strong

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People who want to do better in their lives show signs of feeling discomfort and vulnerability. These are people who also possess courage, because there will be a great deal of risk involved.

— Brené Brown, Rising Strong