The Journeys of Socrates

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by Dan Millman

The international bestselling author is bck with a page-turning tale of the origins of the peaceful warrior.

In the heart of nineteenth century Tsarist Russia an orphaned boy born of both Jewish and Cossack blood desperately seeks to find a place in a dangerous world. Sergei Ivanov’s (Socrates’) journey from a military academy to America is a spellbinding and tragic odyssey of courage and love. This riveting novel reveals how a boy became a man, how a man became a warrior, and how a warrior discovered peace. From his birth, this boy―Sergei Ivanov―is destined to become the peaceful warrior and sage who changed the life of Dan Millman and millions of readers worldwide.

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Make peace within, and there will be no one who can overcome you. And no one you will wish to overcome.

— Dan Millman, The Journeys of Socrates