Utopia for Realists

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by Rutger Bregman

From a universal basic income to a 15-hour workweek, from a world without borders to a world without poverty – it’s time to return to utopian thinking.

Rutger Bregman takes us on a journey through history, beyond the traditional left-right divides, as he introduces ideas whose time has come. Utopia for Realists is one of those rare books that takes you by surprise and challenges what you think you know. In the words of leading social theorist Zygmunt Bauman, it is "brilliant, truly enlightening, and eminently readable."

This original Dutch bestseller sparked a national movement for basic income experiments that soon made international headlines.

My thoughts on Utopia for Realists

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Poverty is fundamentally about a lack of cash. It’s not about stupidity.

— Rutger Bregman, Utopia for Realists